What you can do in Diablo 3 Communities?

Millions of Diablo fans across the world have unique experiences to share. These experiences range from tips, secrets, ideas, or simple stories of fun. There is nothing quite like the joy of connecting to another Diablo gamer who has been through the struggle, gone through the strife, and eventually saved Sanctuary. It's like sitting back and sharing memories of a war or helping fellow gamers to prepare for battle.

Diablo gamers have an even special bonding unlike for other games. It is indefinable. No wonder Diablo forums, blogs and social networking account are always on top of popularity charts.

Just check out any search engine and you would find millions of sites and pages dedicated to the Diablo series. Top of the line is Blizzard's very own community section on the official website.

The Battle.net community has special sections for Diablo fans. Have you tried these links:
Contests –  Costumes, dance, singing, gaming etc. all feature in the contests section. There are always loads of goodies to be one. The contests are of a very wide range and run at regular intervals. Even if you miss one, there's always another contest to participate in.

Wallpapers – If you are a major Diablo fan then you just cannot do without these authentic Diablo 3 wallpapers. The wallpapers come in categories of the Diablo logo, theme, or characters. The wallpapers make any Diablo fan's gaming accessories and console just perfect for the complete battle experience. You can even adjust the resolutions of these wallpapers.

Fan Art – Thousands of fans like to create their original Diablo fan art which they can submit at the official website. Just check out the submission guidelines before you get ready with your fan art.

Forums – No matter what part of the world you are in and no matter what your age-group or ethnicity. There is someone in the forums to share and help you with your Diablo 3 experience. You can get answers to everything relating to in-game features, characters, strategies, ideas, and items, etc. You can seek technical help or just talk about the fun you had playing Diablo 3. The Diablo forums are classified into following categories: General Discussion, Crafting & Artisans, Items, Trading, Quests, Horadric Archives (where you can share your original storylines), Story Forum (for discussing the Diablo storylines/universe), Followers, Classes, Feedback, Bug Report, Support, Website Features, Website Bug Report, Technical Support, and Mac Technical Support (for installations and crashes etc. specific for the Mac users.)

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