Top Power Leveling Strategies in Diablo III

Finding the top power leveling strategies in Diablo III is something that allows a lot of people to enjoy the game as much as they should – minimizing the time spent at the drab lower levels and boosting their characters to the high levels where complex arrays of skills and powers, exciting opponents, and spectacular rewards are to be found. The best strategies are found in well-researched, high quality guides such as the Diablo 3 War Guide.

At the root of every power leveling strategy for Diablo III is finding the activity for a specific level and class that will yield the highest return of experience per unit of time spent earning XP. In other words, if grinding (killing monsters over and over again) will give a character 600 experience per hour, doing random quests will give that same character 800 experience per hour, and doing a specific set of quests will give you 1,000 XP per hour, the last option is the fastest and most desirable option.

The grinding days of Diablo II are gone where power leveling is concerned. With the game's redesign and renovation, grinding is now inefficient in terms of experience. Even doing random quests is better, while a focused, targeted approach yields even richer rewards.

This is a good design decision on the part of the game's designers – after all, much of the game is spent at intermediate levels, and it's far more engaging for the player if they can do various things and win interesting prizes along the way rather than just pummeling the same group of opponents endlessly. However, it does make power leveling a bit more complex, too.

While you could discover the correct sequence of quests to take in order to rocket as quickly as possible from level 1 to level 60, this defeats the purpose of power leveling because you would spend so much time learning how to level up fast.

A much superior method is to use other people's experience – the Diablo 3 War guide is a prime example of a power leveling guide that gives you a detailed, streamlined, rapid, and dynamic route to the high levels, while winning you abundant gold and gear along the way.

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