Does the Diablo Collector's Edition have anything extra?

There was no way to define the relief that swept Sanctuary when the Armies of Evil were finally destroyed in Diablo 2. It has been two decades since. Diablo 3 returns with a dangerous war never seen before. But if you're a 'forever-loyal' Diablo series gamer then nothing but the Collector's Edition would do for you.

Diablo series aficionados would love the pack of goodies in the Collector's Edition. Here is a summary of what it contains:

DIABLO III PC/MAC GAME – Of course, to begin with, the Diablo Collector's Edition includes the full version of Diablo 3 on DVD-ROM.

DIABLO SKULL AND 4GB USB SOULSTONE – This covers the past, figuratively speaking. It includes both the Diablo 2 game and the subsequent release Diablo 2: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Though you need to develop completely new skills to take on Diablo 3 quests, a little refreshing of the past combats would be fun or more to your liking.

EXCLUSIVE IN-GAME CONTENT – No Collector's Edition is complete without extra in-game content. Some of the real super goodies in the edition include:
-    Diablo III Aesthetic Artifacts: Try bottled smoke and cloud, unfurl special banners heralding your status as a hero, use armor sets dyed according to your designs, have the angels unfold glowing wings, etc.
-    World of Warcraft Fetish Shaman Pet is a new addition that you could take along with you into combat. It's an innovative and quite likeable extra in the Collector's Edition.
- portraits are a big hit with Diablo series fans and they come as an extra in the Collector's Edition only. You can use these with other army decal to be a proud hero that saved Sanctuary.
-    BEHIND THE SCENES BLU-RAY/DVD SET: An amazing amount of creative effort has gone into creating the Diablo games. There are interviews with some of the world's best musicians, designers, artists, and writers who helped bring the world of Diablo to millions of gamers around the world. Surely, this a collector's disc.
-    For all those interested in art with an admiration of the fantastic design of Diablo 3, the 208-page art book is a must-keep item. The art books cover the development in design right from the first ideas to the latest 3D renditions.
-     DIABLO III SOUNDTRACK: Add to your music collection this fantastic CD including every single of the 24 pieces of music that were specially written and performed for Diablo 3.

What does the Diablo Collector's Edition Contain?

Evil that had been destroyed and long-forgotten returns again. Mortal heroes have to save Sanctuary again. The limited-edition Collector's Edition contains a very special set of Diablo goodies. It contains treasures to impress any Diablo fan. The legendary and rare items in the Edition would help in Diablo quests too.

Here is a quick summary of all the items in the Diablo Collector's Edition.

DIABLO III PC/MAC GAME – This is the full version of Diablo 3 on DVD-ROM.

DIABLO SKULL AND 4GB USB SOULSTONE - This is one of the most amazing goodies in the pack. It includes full versions of both Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction so you can revisit the past once again. Even though Diablo 3 requires heroes to learn the strategy of the game afresh, this look back into the future is a helpful resource for refreshing your combat skills before you take on the main Diablo 3 war.

EXCLUSIVE IN-GAME CONTENT – There is a fantastic amount of new game content in the Collector's Edition also.

- Diablo III - Aesthetic Artifacts like special banners, bottled smoke, bottled cloud, glowing angel wings, dyed armor sets according to your creative ideas, etc.

- Diablo II - Portraits
You can use special portraits from and army decal to proclaim your status as a hero who saved Sanctuary.

If you love Diablo, you would love to meet the teams that have brought the fantastic storyline into being. This exclusive Blu-ray/DVD two-disc set introduces you to the team of Diablo 3 with lots of interviews. It shows you how programmers, writers, artists, designers, musicians, and animators came together for this fantastic project.

A special 208-page art book takes a look into the design and art of the game. It takes you from the early ideas to the latest 3D designs.

You can even add the Diablo 3 music to your collection now. The Collector's edition includes a CD of all the 24 original pieces of music from the Diablo 3 soundtrack

Now, who would want to miss all this?!

What are the hottest Diablo 3 accessories out there?

The Diablo game series has millions of fans across the world. But it's  not just the game that's popular. Diablo 3 accessories are hot property too. If gamers want to play Diablo 3 then they want to play it right with the perfect accessories too!

You would surely enjoy Diablo 3 if you have set up a basic system as suggested on the official website but you can enhance the experience by getting matching accessories. The best part of these accessories is that they have been developed by gamers so they understand the players' needs. Here are some real cool accessories by SteelSeries that as gone for co-branding for Diablo 3.

They have made aesthetically designed, beautiful peripherals and accessories for Diablo 3. Hardcore gamers go for intense gaming sessions and they want the most comfortable and durable accessories. Gamers love accessories that have particularly made for a single game. You can now pick up a 7-button mouse, two mouse mats and a beautiful headset – all specifically tuned for the Diablo 3 experience.

SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse – Perfect for high-velocity gameplay , the special mouse offers quick response time, features a laser sensor with an accurate 5,000 CPI, 7 ergonomically positioned buttons with a guaranteed 10 million clicks – that's more than 3x the click lifespan of an average mouse. The mouse is designed for use by even left-handed gamers and has a swell matte-grip coating. The mouse is the true Diablo 3 genre with the “demon red” logo in three places – the scroll wheel, CPI Indicator, and Diablo III logo. You can actually customize the logo with ON/OFF illumination and 3 levels of pulsation.

SteelSeries Diablo III Headset – Don't miss out on the fantastic music of Diablo 3. After all, it's the sound that makes the environment on the screen come alive with greater intensity. This lightweight, over-the-head suspension headset has leather ear cups of the closed time optimized through 50mm driver units. The matte-black finish features a special knot-work design on the headband with the “demon red” illumination.

SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse pads – Nothing quite like the branded mouse pads to go with the headsets and mouse. Award-winning QcK mouse pads come with a non-slip rubber base to keep it from moving and have optimized texture surface with Diablo 3 artwork.

A Fresh Approach to Speed Leveling in Diablo III

No longer do you need to send your character repeatedly against “boss” opponents in order to reap an ample harvest of experience in Diablo III, and thus level your character up swiftly to the exalted levels where fascinating skills, powers, and abilities are available, your friends are already playing, and the most white-knuckled action is encountered.

A very different technique is needed, as detailed in the Diablo 3 War guide, a course in speed leveling that gives clear, complete strategies for all five of Diablo III's classes, plus regular updates to keep you abreast of the latest leveling and gold-earning tips.

Grinding has become a weak approach to launching your character's level into the stratosphere. Similarly, grinding bosses is no longer the best way to get the best loot or the largest quantities of gold for your character. The rest of the world and the questing system offer a wealth of more effective ways to rise to the summit of your level tree and outfit your hero with powerful items.

It is not only having power that will let your character slice through the opposition and finish quests like lightning – it is the way that you arrange and use that power that counts. The Diablo 3 War guide educates you in how to place the new Skill Runes and powers that each character class gains to turn your character into a quick-killing, experience-gathering instrument of leveling and victory.

Grouping with other people's characters is more viable in Diablo III, too. If you can get your character into a slightly higher level party, they will be able to take on heavier challenges and earn correspondingly higher experience rewards. Aiming at the correct quests is another way to squeeze the highest possible amount of experience out of each gaming session.

One of the most important things to remember is that in Diablo III you must keep moving to new territory rather than just trying to grind in your current zone. The Diablo 3 War guide gives a complete overview of flowing along the path of least resistance across the lands of Sanctuary on your way to the peak of leveling.

Why Diablo 3 music is awesome!

The experience of Diablo 3 is heightened by the music. The sound helps add to the visual element and creating the intense atmosphere. All the Diablo games are known for their fantastic sound effects and music. The credit for all that goes mainly to Blizzard North's Matt Uelmen. Matt has earned a name for himself in the gaming world with his music.

The team that worked on Diablo 3 music was a completely new team. They had not worked on the previous Diablo editions. However, they had worked on other Blizzard titles including World of Warcraft. You can also buy Blizzard soundtracks and other musical elements from all their games in their online store.

The Diablo 3 Audio Team includes Russell Brower as the Director of Audio and Video at Blizzard Entertainment. He has composed most of the music for Diablo 3. The Lead Sound Designer is Joseph Lawrence and is responsible for most of the sound effects. He has also contributed to the music.

The Diablo genre of music is orchestral with more of a classical feel than modern pop or rock. There is one full orchestral score which is known as the Diablo 3 Overture.

Russel Brower, in reply to a fan's mail about the Diablo 3 music said there is nothing quite like the fantastic Diablo 3 music. The overture was recorded with the idea to impress both existing and new audience of game players. Along with that, new ideas have been explored in the music score. All sound effects have been created in the hi-tech sound studios of Blizzard's headquarters in Irvine, California.

Community manager Bashiok has said about the music of Diablo 3: "A new skills goes in and it seems awesome, it looks cool, but until you get the sound attached it just seems incomplete."

Bashiok also said, “While World of Warcraft has huge epic orchestra pieces and driving melodies, Diablo music is far more subdued and moody. If you’re looking for big concert-hall filling scores, it’s just not what Diablo is about, although some bigger pieces certainly exist and you’ll get to enjoy them. Diablo and its music is more about ambiance, as it’s a game that should mostly be filled with the sounds of slaughtering demons.”