Fast Leveling in Diablo III – No Longer a Grind

Leveling with the speed of lightning in Diablo II mostly consisting of finding an area with a good concentration of high-experience monsters and “farming” them – killing them over and over again as they respawn in order to gain the most experience in the shortest amount of time. While that was true in the second installment of the fierce Diablo saga, Diablo III takes a very different design approach, which is where high quality guides such as the Diablo 3 War guide come in handy.

Blizzard has learned much in the years since Diablo II went retail – much of their knowledge coming from the astounding success of World of Warcraft, but plenty deriving from Diablo II also. Players are much more likely to remain with a game for a while if it offers a diverse, intriguing play experience rather than a repetitive grind, and Diablo III

In order to be one of the successful fast levelers in Diablo III, therefore, you need to cast off your preconceived ideas like a hero flinging aside a piece of broken armor, and catch up to the latest design features of the game. One of the fastest ways to reach high levels swiftly is to follow specific paths of quests that offer higher, quicker experience awards than the others.

Another friendship with a higher level character – not one of massively higher level, since your character will die instantly when exposed to the threats this champion can face, but one moderately higher so that your character can earn robust experience awards while questing in their company – yet still survive with the help of your buddy.

The Diablo 3 War guide is excellent for those who want to level quickly in the new game because it helps you quickly unlearn the “grinding” mentality of Diablo II and get in sync with the exciting new leveling methods appropriate to Diablo III. In the new, improved Sanctuary, knowledge is power just as much as spells or steel, and a good guide will give you powerful base of knowledge immediately that you can use to build your own tale of heroism and triumph.

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