Is proper hardware necessary for dominating Diablo 3?

Diablo has a very special fan following across the world. Diablo 3 fans come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Gamers of all age-groups find Diablo 3 a fantastic game to play. It is rare that a game is such a hit and continues to draw in new fans by the day.

The main reason for Diablo 3 being a hit is its combination of design, art, music, and difficulty. Diablo 3 also adds new twists to the previous editions of the game that have wowed millions across the planet.

The Diablo 3 visuals have become bolder and brighter giving gamers a more intense experience of prowling the dark and dangerous dungeons to beat the Armies of Evil. Special effects along with special music composed particularly for the game further heighten the intense experience of saving Sanctuary from the dark forces.

You can truly enjoy Diablo 3 with a nice system. The Internet speed is crucial for using the player-versus-player mode. Net lag would destroy the fun of the game. You can set up basic hardware including an operating system like Windows Vista or Windows 7. You can also play it on Mac. A processor like Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or Althon X2 2.7 GHz with 2GB Ram is quite necessary. Of course the graphics card (DirectX 10 or 11 Nvidia or AMD ATI card, Nvidia GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon 3870) with a sound card (DirectX compatible sound card) would be essential. A Hard Drive 15 GB for disc version or 10 GB for digital version would be fine.

Of course each gamer has his individual comfort-level with a particular system. It's like having your own golf club or tennis racquet. Some configurations work great for some gamers but might affect the skills of others. Eventually, each individual gamer has to decide what would lead him to dominator system. However, a basic hardware configuration would ensure that a player at least gets a full experience of the music and artwork that has been created especially for the Diablo 3 edition. With time, you can improve your system to see if your skill level goes up. Some players might perform better with an enhanced sound card while others would prefer a screen of higher resolution. Just go for the system that brings out the best in you.

Top Power Leveling Strategies in Diablo III

Finding the top power leveling strategies in Diablo III is something that allows a lot of people to enjoy the game as much as they should – minimizing the time spent at the drab lower levels and boosting their characters to the high levels where complex arrays of skills and powers, exciting opponents, and spectacular rewards are to be found. The best strategies are found in well-researched, high quality guides such as the Diablo 3 War Guide.

At the root of every power leveling strategy for Diablo III is finding the activity for a specific level and class that will yield the highest return of experience per unit of time spent earning XP. In other words, if grinding (killing monsters over and over again) will give a character 600 experience per hour, doing random quests will give that same character 800 experience per hour, and doing a specific set of quests will give you 1,000 XP per hour, the last option is the fastest and most desirable option.

The grinding days of Diablo II are gone where power leveling is concerned. With the game's redesign and renovation, grinding is now inefficient in terms of experience. Even doing random quests is better, while a focused, targeted approach yields even richer rewards.

This is a good design decision on the part of the game's designers – after all, much of the game is spent at intermediate levels, and it's far more engaging for the player if they can do various things and win interesting prizes along the way rather than just pummeling the same group of opponents endlessly. However, it does make power leveling a bit more complex, too.

While you could discover the correct sequence of quests to take in order to rocket as quickly as possible from level 1 to level 60, this defeats the purpose of power leveling because you would spend so much time learning how to level up fast.

A much superior method is to use other people's experience – the Diablo 3 War guide is a prime example of a power leveling guide that gives you a detailed, streamlined, rapid, and dynamic route to the high levels, while winning you abundant gold and gear along the way.

Fast Leveling in Diablo III – No Longer a Grind

Leveling with the speed of lightning in Diablo II mostly consisting of finding an area with a good concentration of high-experience monsters and “farming” them – killing them over and over again as they respawn in order to gain the most experience in the shortest amount of time. While that was true in the second installment of the fierce Diablo saga, Diablo III takes a very different design approach, which is where high quality guides such as the Diablo 3 War guide come in handy.

Blizzard has learned much in the years since Diablo II went retail – much of their knowledge coming from the astounding success of World of Warcraft, but plenty deriving from Diablo II also. Players are much more likely to remain with a game for a while if it offers a diverse, intriguing play experience rather than a repetitive grind, and Diablo III

In order to be one of the successful fast levelers in Diablo III, therefore, you need to cast off your preconceived ideas like a hero flinging aside a piece of broken armor, and catch up to the latest design features of the game. One of the fastest ways to reach high levels swiftly is to follow specific paths of quests that offer higher, quicker experience awards than the others.

Another friendship with a higher level character – not one of massively higher level, since your character will die instantly when exposed to the threats this champion can face, but one moderately higher so that your character can earn robust experience awards while questing in their company – yet still survive with the help of your buddy.

The Diablo 3 War guide is excellent for those who want to level quickly in the new game because it helps you quickly unlearn the “grinding” mentality of Diablo II and get in sync with the exciting new leveling methods appropriate to Diablo III. In the new, improved Sanctuary, knowledge is power just as much as spells or steel, and a good guide will give you powerful base of knowledge immediately that you can use to build your own tale of heroism and triumph.

Diablo 3 Speed Leveling Facts

In the previous Diablo 2 games, most players will do ‘boss runs’ which means killing either Baal or Mephisto (and in some cases, Diablo himself) in order to get a large amount of XP (experience points) and a lot of unique item drops so that they can complete unique sets or sell the items for money. Others prefer to kill a mob of enemies in the same area over and over again while traveling back and forth between teleporters so they can save resources such as town portal scrolls.

Blizzard has changed the way gaming in the Diablo 3 realm and offers greater and often more enticing rewards especially when grinding is concerned. Gone are the days of killing the same boss over and over again.

For starters, grinding the same spot over and over again does not yield as much returns as before. For example, there are many quests available for the game. Some of these quests tend to drop more experience points compared to just killing the same mob over and over again.

The items dropped or given as a reward is also much better and it is very important to realize that the old way of playing the game is not encouraged. Blizzard expects players to diversify their gaming style as this will add more longevity to the game.
Learn to diversify the usage of rune stones as well. You will find many different ways to customize your attack plan if you experiment with the rune stones. Some attacks will give you fire, some attacks with ice. Some will bolster its damage while others will give area of effect.

It is also good to travel in large parties to see what team combinations once can come up with which is a crucial element in team play. Mixing and matching will give much diversity.

Why power leveling Is Very Important and how to get to level 60

There are many reasons why power leveling is often desirable by hardcore players. But even for casual players, here are some compelling ones why it is very important to get up to level 60 as fast as possible:

(1)You can equip weapons at a higher level

A lot of the items have a level requirement. If you do not max out your characters level, these items will be deemed inaccessible. You will not have enough stats to be able to use the weapons or armor as well.

(2)You can’t go on high level quests with your friends

One of the saddest parts of gaming is being excluded by your friends. If they are at a higher level than you, you will be excluded from their parties because you are not strong enough to attempt the quests.

(3)You can’t access the skill tree

You don’t get full access to all the skills there and because of that, you will not be able to experience the full range of your character.

(4)Making Money At The Auction House

When you are up there at the top, it is easier to acquire weapons and sell them.

One of the ways to level faster in the game is to find similar level friends and level together. Make sure you do not grind the same spot over and over again and be sure to diversify your items as well as the runes to see which are the most efficient skills.
Another way to speed up your leveling progress is to look up on various guides on the Internet and leverage on the expertise of others. This will allow you to see things at a level not accessible by casual players.

Lastly, be ready to diversify your strategies and don’t stick to the same thing over and over again.

What you can do in Diablo 3 Communities?

Millions of Diablo fans across the world have unique experiences to share. These experiences range from tips, secrets, ideas, or simple stories of fun. There is nothing quite like the joy of connecting to another Diablo gamer who has been through the struggle, gone through the strife, and eventually saved Sanctuary. It's like sitting back and sharing memories of a war or helping fellow gamers to prepare for battle.

Diablo gamers have an even special bonding unlike for other games. It is indefinable. No wonder Diablo forums, blogs and social networking account are always on top of popularity charts.

Just check out any search engine and you would find millions of sites and pages dedicated to the Diablo series. Top of the line is Blizzard's very own community section on the official website.

The community has special sections for Diablo fans. Have you tried these links:
Contests –  Costumes, dance, singing, gaming etc. all feature in the contests section. There are always loads of goodies to be one. The contests are of a very wide range and run at regular intervals. Even if you miss one, there's always another contest to participate in.

Wallpapers – If you are a major Diablo fan then you just cannot do without these authentic Diablo 3 wallpapers. The wallpapers come in categories of the Diablo logo, theme, or characters. The wallpapers make any Diablo fan's gaming accessories and console just perfect for the complete battle experience. You can even adjust the resolutions of these wallpapers.

Fan Art – Thousands of fans like to create their original Diablo fan art which they can submit at the official website. Just check out the submission guidelines before you get ready with your fan art.

Forums – No matter what part of the world you are in and no matter what your age-group or ethnicity. There is someone in the forums to share and help you with your Diablo 3 experience. You can get answers to everything relating to in-game features, characters, strategies, ideas, and items, etc. You can seek technical help or just talk about the fun you had playing Diablo 3. The Diablo forums are classified into following categories: General Discussion, Crafting & Artisans, Items, Trading, Quests, Horadric Archives (where you can share your original storylines), Story Forum (for discussing the Diablo storylines/universe), Followers, Classes, Feedback, Bug Report, Support, Website Features, Website Bug Report, Technical Support, and Mac Technical Support (for installations and crashes etc. specific for the Mac users.)

Barbarian Speed Leveling Tips

Your build for the Barbarian class is highly determined by the quests you can undertake. Hacking and slashing your way in the game just doesn’t work anymore as it did for Diablo 2.

For starters, do not grind the same monsters or do boss runs over and over again. It produces diminishing returns and Blizzard has set the game up in such a way that the rewards look better if something is done differently. Venturing out is a very good option.

A Barbarian is a class that excels when they are in a team. Because most of their attacks are melee, they function well as a tank but are better off with characters to back them up with range attacks and provide support. If you are a low level barbarian, make sure you pair up with someone that provides a lot of healing spells and this will keep your game going longer and stronger.

One of the biggest temptations of a barbarian is to grind through the same pack of mobs over and over again. This might work well in the previous game, but the way the game is setup requires you to diversify your strategy rather than attack the same boss over and over again.

A barbarian must not sit still. Its primary skill is called fury which increases as they deal damage and take damage. Do not wait for your allies to deal the damage as this will hamper your ability to level up. The fury ability also unleashes a huge range of skills that will propel the Barbarian’s damage as well.

Last but not least it is very important to experiment with rune stones. Rune stones diversify the play of the Barbarian greatly and don’t be afraid to try out new things as the damage dealt and mobility can be greatly affected.